Man’s hand chopped off… For stealing motorbike

Gbolonyo on the ground at the time the police arrived at the scene....ANGRY townfolks in Dzodze, in  the Ketu North District of the Volta Region, nearly chopped off the left arm of a man who stole a motor-bike and stabbed its owner in the rib before attempting to flee.

Vincent Gbolonyo, 38, who was described by the police as a notorious   criminal, is receiving treatment at the St. Anthony’s Hospital in Dzodze.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in-charge of the area, Atsu Zigah, who confirmed the story, told The Ghanaian Times at Dzodze on Friday, that the incident took  place in the town on January 20, this year at about 2a.m.

According to the District Police Commander, the owner of the bike (name withheld) spotted Gbolonyo dragging the bike away from his house.

He confronted him and demanded to know where Gbolonyo was taking the bike to.

Gbolonyo then drew a knife and stabbed the owner of the bike in the ribs.

ASP Zigah said that the injured man’s loud cries for help  attracted some locals to the scene and after seeing what Gbolonyo had done to the man, they meted out instant justice to him and severed his left arm.

He said that a private security man who was returning home from work in the morning saw Gbolonyo lying on the ground, in a pool of blood, and alerted the police who later took him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the owner of the bike has been treated and discharged from hospital. Police Investigations continue.

From Alberto Mario Noretti,


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