Manly-Spain Replies His Critics

Henry Ekow Manly-Spain, a contender for the Greater Accra chairmanship of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has pledged never to reply his contenders who would attack his person with baseless allegations and innuendos.

“I will rather focus on working to bring unity to the party to ensure a resounding victory for the party in 2016.”

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview in Accra, he debunked the claim that he was not a regional member of the NDC.

According to Mr Manly-Spain, he is a founding member of the party and a one-time parliamentary candidate for the Ablekuma South Constituency.

“My card number is KG0067 from the Ablekuma South Constituency and I am a founding member of the party, and so on what basis would somebody write that the party has disowned me?” he quizzed.

He challenged the credibility of that purported statement saying if it were a credible and authentic piece, the signatories would have been the regional chairman, the secretary and any other person who mattered in the party “and not just a supposed deputy organiser who did not even write his full name.”

Mr. Manly-Spain said he would continue to praise President Mahama for his charisma and humility which enabled the NDC to win the Greater Accra Region.

He added that the efforts of the selfless constituency and branch executives, foot soldiers and activists greatly catapulted the party to capture the region.

“Praising the President, constituency and branch executives as well as the foot soldiers cannot be said to be an attack on anybody, so the regional chairman and his allies cannot stop me from praising such people,” he said.

Mr. Manly-Spain dared anyone to produce just one publication convicting him of attacking any member of the party ahead of the chairmanship race in the region.

He said there was no way any political party in Ghana could defeat the NDC if unity continues to exist in the party.

“No party can win elections with divisions among its members; we need to work as one people to retain power come 2016,” he advised.

Mr Manly-Spain urged party members to bury their differences and help develop the NDC and push the government to deliver “since with a united front we can deliver the ‘Better Ghana Agenda’ as promised by the President. —GNA

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