Manifesto not for votes … Pres says it’s best document for dev

maniPresident John Dramani Mahama has said the NDC manifesto is not a catalogue of promises soliciting only for votes, but aimed at achieving the aspirations of Ghanaians.

He described the manifesto as the best policy document aimed at bringing development to the citizenry.

Speaking at the manifesto launch in Sunyani yesterday, President Mahama said ”the document is easy to read” and “it is simple and straightforward language which does not need any expertise to understand”.

During the function, the President led the people to observe a minute’s silence in memory of the late President Evans Atta Mills.

He also paid tribute to the team that worked on the party’s manifesto for the yeoman’s job done.

The President said the NDC would expose corruption, adding that unlike the previous government, his administration had not declared that exposing corruption would collapse his government.

He said ”the NDC is resolved to make corruption a high risk activity”.

President Mahama said his next term in office would see the expansion of social protection programmes which would target poor citizens.

The next term of the NDC would also see it implementing what he described as a “green revolution,” among others, to make Ghana a net exporter of rice.

Touching on the party, he said the NDC “is the most united and excited party in Ghana today,” and expressed the hope that the people would maintain it in power come December.

The event saw a large crowd of people converged at Sunyani, the Brong-Ahafo Regional capital for the NDC manifesto launch. The crowd which could be described as a record one in recent memory, gave the security personnel a hectic time to control.

In order to reduce the difficulties in controlling the crowd, those in charge of security had to block access to certain parts of the central business district of Sunyani.

Hours after the launch, a number of people, especially NDC fateful, were on the streets doing what they termed “street campaigning” to get the NDC re-elected into office for the next four years.

There was a downpour in the morning which prevented some people coming to the Sunyani Coronation Park to get seats for themselves. Indeed, it would have posed a bigger challenge to the security if the time of the launch were to be in the morning.

President Mahama, however, described the rain as a shower of blessing for the event, saying that “there is God’s hand in the manifesto launch”.

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