Management Told To Adhere To Labour Regulations

Mr.Antwi Boasiako-SekyereMr. Antwi Bosiako Sekyere, Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, has asked the management of public and private institutions in the country to adhere to the provisions of the Labour Act in termination of employment and contracts.

He said the application of procedural labour principles coupled with rules of collective agreements and fairness would help in the alleviation of persistent labour agitations encountered in the termination of contracts.

Articles 62 and 66 of the Labour Act, 2003, Act 651 enjoins both the public and private sector to consider fair termination, unfair termination and remedies for unfair termination as the underpinning factors for disengaging the services of workers.

Mr. Sekyere was speaking at a day’s seminar organised by the Ghana Employers’ Association (GEA) to educate human resource personnel in public and private institutions on issues pertaining to terminations of contracts to ensure a dynamic working relations within their organisations.

He observed that reports available at the National Labour Commission (NLC), concerning termination, pointed a gloomy picture of increasing cases in respect of wrongful dismissals, unfair termination and unlawful dismissal of workers.

“Termination of employment constitutes majority of the total number of complaints filed at the NLC and this can be attributed to the failure of employers to comply with the requirements of the law and unprofessional conducts in decision-making which leads to unnecessary litigations.”

Mr. Sekyere noted that most organisations spent much time and resources in recruitment and retention of workers but little attention is paid on termination of appointments, adding that lack of qualified human resource in some organisations was the cause of that.

He advised management of the various institutions to attach premium to staff motivation since it remained a prerequisite for organisational loyalty and commitment among workers.

He explained that although the employer in employment relations has the right to terminate the appointment of a worker, it must be seen to be fair and procedures followed.

The deputy minister added that contract termination has been a major challenge to the country and organizations as disputes between management and employees affect productivity and other business operations.
Governments he said was committed to the development of capacities of social partners, particularly in the areas of training and enhanced productivity aimed at accelerated business growth and national development.
He urged members of the GEA and employers to co-operate with NLC by accepting its rulings and directives to promote effective cooperation between labour and management.

Mr. Alex Frimpong, the Chief Executive Officer of GEA advised participants to exploit knowledge acquired to improve employer-employee relations at their respective organisations.

He said agitation of whichever form negatively impacts economic development and institutional failures urging them to adopt best practices in matters relating to termination of contracts. – Malik Sullemana

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