Man poisons girlfriend, 4 kids

tragedyTragedy struck the Jaway Anlo fishing community, near Half Assini, in the Jomoro District of the Western Region on Sunday, when a 34-year-old fisherman, Mawutor Hovor, allegedly laced the food of his ex-girlfriend, 26, with a poisonous chemical killing her and four children.

Mawutor, who felt jilted because his girlfriend, Noviebgo Kugblenu had left him, The Ghanaian Times gathered, picked   rodenticide, a chemical used in controlling mice and poured it into a gari meal she had prepared for the family.

The lady and four other children; three boys and one girl, whose ages range between two and six died shortly after taking the gari meal.

The six-year old girl, according to the police, is related to Noviegbo, while two of the boys come from one father, with the other one from the community.

The bodies of the deceased have been deposited at the Half Assini Government Hospital, awaiting post mortem.

Meanwhile, the suspect is in police custody, while investigations continue.

According to the police, Mawutor has admitted the offence, blaming it on frustrations because the girlfriend left him.

Briefing The Ghanaian Times, the Half-Assini Police Commander, Police Superintendent John F.Dzineku, said, three weeks ago, the two -year relationship with Noviegbo, a fishmonger, collapsed because Mawutor did not provide any proper care and maintenance, but he was very aggressive in his demands for sex, adding that, “They had no child”.

He said that, at 4am on Sunday, Mawutor went to the house of the ex- girlfriend and laced her gari meal with rodenticide, in her absence, and unknowingly she ate the meal with the other four children resulting in their death.

He said before their death, they had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea with blood oozing from their noses.

According to Superintendent Dzineku, the incident, initially, created panic at Jaway Anlo, as the people thought the blood from the deceased was caused by the Ebola virus disease, but later, public health officials confirmed that, they died from a poisonous   chemical, rodenticide that was laced in the gari meal they consumed.

“Blood was oozing as they showed symptoms of diarrhoea and also vomiting.” the Commander added.

Superintendent Dzineku told The Ghanaian Times that, four of them died earlier, leaving the lady, who later died at the hospital.

“The mood in town is that of a big shock. One Sunday, and the woman died with the children following one after the other,” he added.

“Doctors have confirmed that the rodenticide kills faster than DDT, as it enters the blood stream, especially, when you take in water,” he said.

Mr. Dzineku said that before the death of Noviegbo, she had observed that her wooden stool was not placed at where she had kept it when she returned home from her fish mongering activities, and mentioned it to her neigbour.

He said she became suspicious and traced the foot prints from where the wooden stool was found with her neighour, to the house of the Hovor.

The Police Commander said after the tragedy, Hovor was confronted and he admitted the offence.

From Clement Adzei Boye,Takoradi

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