Man killed over ¢45.00 debt

What started as a “friendly fire” between two friends, sadly tuned tragic resulting in the death of one of them at Adum, in Kumasi.

Eric, popularly called Atom, could not understand why his friend Kwasi Gyasi, should refuse to pay GH¢45.00 outstanding debt to him.

Angered by the action of his friend, Eric allegedly drove a sharp knife into the stomach and chest of his friend who gave up the ghost at the hospital last Thursday night.

Eric, after stabbing the friend, took to his heels but onlookers managed to arrest him and handed him over to the police.

Eye-witnesses who interacted with the Ghanaian Times, indicated that Eric, some few days back, gave GH¢80.00 to the deceased, a mobile handsets dealer, at Unicorn House, a popular business area at Adum, in Kumasi, to purchase a mobile handset for him (Eric).

The deceased, the witnesses said, could not get the type of device Eric wanted and so paid part of the money, GH¢35.00, to Eric with the promise to pay the rest later.

However, the deceased could not honor “the promise to pay the balance on the promised date.

The witness said, Eric approached the deceased to demand his money on the appointed day at the time the deceased was arranging his goods to sell in the morning.

The sources said the deceased was said to have asked Eric to give him some few minutes to sell a few items and pay him off.

From Kingsley E. Hope, Kumasi

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