Malor Appeals To Ghanaians

1390557284.33The Presidency has compared the current economic hardship Ghanaians are facing to a patient taking bitter pills, which are needed for better health.

It says if there is any “swifter medication” to make the country “healthy,” President John Dramani Mahama would have gone for it.

These remarks were made by the Head of Communications at the Presidency, Ben Dotse Malor, on TV3’s Midday Live yesterday.

Mr. Malor said President Mahama is aware of the challenges confronting Ghanaians and is making painstaking efforts to get those challenges addressed once and for all.

He said the president is conscious of short-term measures but has opted for medium- and long-term measures in order to address the issues permanently.

“President Mahama is deeply aware of the issues,” Mr Malor stated.

“He takes the concern of Ghanaians seriously.”

He said the president wants the best for the nation and so lends his ears to every concern raised by Ghanaians.

Ghanaians should give him time, Mr. Malor entreated.


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