Malawi withdraws recognition to SADR

Francis Kasaila

Francis Kasaila

The Ghana Institute of Governance and Security (GIGS), a regional governance think tank has described Malawi’s withdrawal of its recognition of the Saharawi Arabic Democratic Republic (SADR), as a positive sign of the growing acceptance of Morocco’s legitimacy over the Western Sahara.

According to GIGS, the solidarity of the vast majority of African Union (AU) countries is indicative of the international legality and the truth about the artificial conflict around Western Sahara.

Malawi on May 5, 2017 withdrew its recognition of SADR, expressing its support to the efforts of the United Nations to achieve a lasting and mutually acceptable political solution to the dispute.

The latest move increases to 40 the number of AU members supporting Morocco, with many of the remaining 14 AU members on the fence.

The announcement was made by Malawi’s Foreign Minister, Francis Kasaila after a meeting with Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in Rabat.

Malawi established diplomatic relations with SADR in 2002.

Malawi’s move comes a week after the adoption by the UN Security Council of a new resolution on the Western Sahara conflict that re-established the preeminence of the Moroccan proposal to reach a mutually acceptable political solution to the conflict.

Observers view the new resolution as an unprecedented setback for the Polisario .

Not only does the resolution reiterates the validity of the Moroccan proposal of autonomy but it forced the Polisario to withdraw from the Guerguerat region, in the buffer zone between Morocco and Mauritania.

David Agbee, Executive Director of GIGS, believes the increasing withdrawal of support for the Polisario,demonstrates a confirmation that the African continent now realise the reality of the issue by making diplomatic decisions in accordance with the UN Charter and international legality.


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