Make Us Proud, Stars!

stars praying section Tomorrow, the senior national team, the Black Stars, will come face to face with their Egyptian counterparts, the Pharaohs, in the second leg World Cup play-off in Cairo, Egypt.

The match is being played at the Air Defence Stadium in Cairo, following the assurance of tight security arrangements put in place by the Egyptian authorities.

The World football governing body, FIFA, after a meeting with the Egyptian authorities and Ghana’s Security delegation last Thursday, expressed satisfaction with the security arrangements made for the epic encounter.

The parties received briefing on the detailed security preparation for the match with firm assurances of maximum protection for the Ghanaians and their own team, the  FIFA officials, media and fans attending the match.

It is certain that based on these assurances, the match would be played in Cairo as originally scheduled.

President John Mahama has justifiably expressed anxiety about the unstable political situation in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and the safety of the Black Stars and the Ghanaian supporters, warning that Ghana would hold FIFA and the Egyptian authorities responsible for any harm that is caused to any member of our team or supporters.

The Times cannot agree more with the President’s concern about the safety of our players and supporters. Arguably, Ghana cannot challenge FIFA’s decision on the match taking place in Cairo, but it is important to put on record that should the unexpected happen, the world football governing body, would have to take the full blame.

We expect the Egyptians to make good their promise of ensuring tight security and the safety of our players, officials and supporters.

Meanwhile, we urged the handlers of the team to prepare the players to overcome the psychological warfare of the Egyptians.

There should not be any complacency or apathy due to the 6-1 victory achieved in the first leg match in Kumasi.  The 90 minutes in Cairo could be disastrous if the players allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the psychological warfare of the Egyptians.

We therefore encourage them to go all out and play to the coach’s instructions.


Victory would surely crown their efforts!

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