‘Mahama’s Confession Needless’

Kwadwo-MpianiA former Chief of Staff and Minister for Presidential Affairs under the Kufuor administration Kwadwo Mpiani, has chided President John Mahama for publicly stating he is under pressure to sack his Finance Minister, Seth Terkper.

Mr. Mpiani was of the view that the President’s confession was indiscreet.

President John Mahama at meeting, on Wednesday, with the newly appointed Head of Barclays Bank, Ghana, Patience Akyianu, at the Flagstaff House said, albeit jokingly: “I mean several times they’ve interceded with me to sack Seth because he’s hurting the politics. He doesn’t understand the politics. ‘If there’s no money he should go and borrow’, as if it were that easy.”

The statement suggested the President appeared resolute in his support for the Finance Minister.

“It’s a vicious cycle we need to break and that is why a lot of the reforms that Seth is carrying out in the finance ministry with regard to the Ghana Integrated Management Information System (GIFMIS) and making sure we budget properly and MDAs follow budget discipline and all that are issues that we’re trying to introduce,” he noted.

But, the President’s comments have been condemned by some political pundits.

Mr. Mpiani bemoaned, “it is very interesting for the President to come out with such a statement.”

“Presidents have pressures from all manner of people but at the end of it all, it is you the President who appointed somebody to a position.

“If the person is helping you to achieve your vision and pressure is coming from people to remove the person you may have to explain it to the people why the person is there and what the person is doing.”

He said such petty party politicking and the President’s remarks could dampen the spirits of his appointees, the Minister asserted.

A political science lecturer with the University of Ghana, Dr Bossman Asare explained that the President’s remark is an indication that pressure is mounting on him from all quarters because, “things are not going on very well.”

“And that alone is an admission that Ghanaians are complaining. People are struggling in meeting their challenges in the country,” he added. myjoyonline.com

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