Mahama is best bet for 2020 – Muniru-Limuna

John Dramani Mahama-NDC

John Dramani Mahama-NDC

A former Northern Regional Minister and regional campaign coordinator for former president John Mahama 2016 election, Alhaji Mohammed Muniru-Limuna has stated that the former president remained the best bet for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2020.

“He is the one who is spiritually and physically capable to lead the party to victory in 2020. It is either John Mahama or no one else.

My prayer however is that he should accept to stand as our candidate in 2020 despite claims by his family he will not run again,” he said in an interview.

Alhaji Limuna said the former president per the constitution is still qualified to run for the presidency and indicated that he has contributed immensely to the development of the country – just that Ghanaians have failed to show gratitude and his track record will be largely depended upon by the NDC for the 2020 electioneering campaign.

On why the party lost to the then opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), he said there was a disconnection between the top hierarchy of the party and the grassroots which resulted in disaffection among the youth in particular whose who failed to vote for the NDC.

“There were certain things we overlooked that cost us. There was disconnect from the top and the bottom and the youth were a bit aggrieved and we needed to pay special attention to them. I commissioned someone to do a research and it proved that they were very angry and likely not to vote for us.

I shared the report with other people but they did not give me the needed hearing,” he stated.

Aside that, he observed that there was governance fatigue among Ghanaians not because the government of the day was not performing, but that the citizenry were just not willing for the continuity of an NDC government.

“It has now been put in the minds of Ghanaians that every government has a maximum of eight years not because of what the government of the day can do for the people.

All the good things and the struggling we did, they were not moved. All they wanted was change and you know God works in several ways and as a believer of faith there are reasons God does certain things,” he added.

He however appealed to the rank and file of the party not to turn the party’s mistakes into blame games, underscoring the need for the party to restructure and reunite and become a formidable force to reckon with in the 2020 elections.


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