Mahama campaign ignored research—Mettle Nunoo… but NDC denies

A leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Rojo Mettle Nunoo has stated that President John Mahama’s campaign team ignored critical findings by a research group in the party prior to the 2016 elections.

Mr Nunoo said the former President Mahama and his campaign team dismissed crucial campaign intelligence provided by a team of experienced members of the party he led.

A former campaign manager for the late President Atta Mills said a survey his team conducted revealed the party’s 2016 campaign message was out of touch with the people and subsequently provided suggestions for messages that would resonate with the Ghanaian electorate.

Mr Nunoo insisted that the president and the party’s campaign team turned a deaf ear to the advice.
“We did a 32,000 household survey across all the 10 regions of this country, identifying attitudes, behaviours, perceptions and desires of the people of Ghana,” he said.

However, responding, Deputy General Secretary of the party, George Lawson, denied claims by Mr Nunoo that a critical pre-2016 elections survey was ignored.

According to him, “the revelation is news to me and if such a survey existed then the team that worked on it did not channel it to the appropriate party quarters for action.
“I am not aware of what he is talking about the former President [John Mahama] is an individual,” he said and indicated that perhaps the said report was presented to the former President alone, but not the party leadership.

“As a party, the structures must be followed, so if you give it to us we will send it to our channels of communication,” he stressed.

Leading members of the party have expressed varied views on the causes of the party’s loss, many of them blaming complacency and aloofness of the government for the defeat.

The party itself set up a 13-member committee headed by former Finance Minister Professor Kwesi Botchwey to analyse the party’s performance in the 2016 general election and make recommendations for future elections.

The contents of the committee’s report are yet to be made public but Mr. Nunoo said too many things went wrong.

He pointed out that the party did not manage well the transition from the late President Mills’ government to that of President Mahama. –

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