Load shedding affects police operations

The load shedding exercise in three country is seriously undermining police investigative and administra- tive procedures, as well the welfare of suspects in custody, according to the Ho Municipal Police Commander, Superintendent (Sup) G.C. K. Blewushie.

For instance, he said that the offices at the Ho Central Police Station become so dark in times of power cuts that the writing or typing of reports became a difficult task.

“That leads to unfair delays in processing suspects for court”, Sup Blewushie said, in an interview with The Ghanaian Times at Ho last week.

He said that as a standing procedure, Police duty Officers were expected to visit suspects in the cell every hour to check on their wellbeing and find out what pertains there.

Sup.Blewushie, however, said that the Officers were unable to effectively carry out these duties because of the intermittent power cuts, adding “We have realised that some of the suspects scratch the walls during the periods of darkness.”

According to him, informants find it difficult to report cases to the police station during power outages.

Sup Blewushie appealed to philanthropist and organistaions to help the Municipal Police to acquire a power plant, saying that “fighting crime is a shared responsibility.”

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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