Link Education To Job Market—Naa Abdulai

ChildrenNaa Yakubu Abdulai, Chief of Sagnerigu, a suburb of Tamale, has has called for an effective linkage between the present educational to the job market.

That, he said was the only way to ensure the relevance of quality education to national development, and to address the unemployment of graduates.

He regretted that the country has not been able to harness ideas that would practically create job opportunities for the youth, and stressed the need for all stakeholders to develop programmes that would solve developmental problems.

Naa Ambassador Abdulai made the appeal at the 24th Annual General Conference of the Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) at Tamale.

The conference was on the theme: “Quality or Quantity Education, which way for Ghana?”

Members of GNAPS from all over the country met for the two-day conference to discuss ways to advance the contribution by private schools to the development of education in the country.

Naa Ambassador Abdulai called on educational institutions to create more room for job training in their schools towards addressing the national problem of unemployment.

In addition, he advised policy makers and managers of the country’s public schools to learn best practices from the most successful private schools and achievers of quality education.

The public education sector, he said, should also strengthen supervision and monitoring in schools to ensure that learners derived optimum benefits  from education.

Mr Steve Revss, National President of the GNAPS, urged the Ministry of Education to give children in private schools equal access to government logistics and inputs just as those in the public schools.

He also urged politicians to stop interfering in issues of education saying, “Issues of education should be left to the education authorities to take the necessary decisions to improve education in the country.”










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