Limit political party funding to members—Afriyie Ankrah

Mr Afriyie Ankrah

Mr Afriyie Ankrah

A former Minister of Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie has suggested that funding of political party activities be open to members of the party to contribute to minimise the influence of financiers in the party.

He cited the contributions of party members and foot soldiers to accounts of flagbearer hopefuls to help them raise the filing fee being charged by the leadership of the party.

Mr Afriyie Ankrah was speaking at a programme organised by the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) which was on the theme: ‘Strengthening Developmental Political Parties in Ghana – a call for regulatory and funding reforms?’

He observed that “fighting corruption in the country will continue to be an insurmountable hurdle if the manner and source of funding of political parties is not monitored and regulated”.

“It is usually awkward and a difficult position when a party financier becomes the subject of investigations or a government contract is terminated due to financial malfeasance,
I was appointed as Minister of Youth and Sports and was confronted with the Ghana Youth Entrepreneurial Development Agency which was started as a pilot programme, there was no proper institution in place.”

“The systems were not in place, it was virtually a free for all, we came to power, expanded it, people took advantage of the weaknesses in the system, by the time I took office it was virtually a mess and the President asked me to clean up, that was when my challenges started.”

“It was very awkward, a difficult situation because most of the service providers were people that I knew personally, they were people that had supported us, I know they support both sides, the NDC and the NPP.”

“You have a situation where you have gone to take money from the person to run your campaign, then you come back and say you’re now investigating the person, cancelling the person’s contracts, it was very difficult,” Mr Afriyie Ankrah lamented. –

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