Lets’s Support The Ghana Heart Foundation

Ghana Heart Foundation The Times yesterday, published an unpleasant report on 250 hole-in-heart patients whose lives hang in the balance because of lack of funds to enable them to undergo surgeries.

According to the report, due to lack of support, the Ghana Heart Foundation, which is expected to bear 50 per cent cost of the surgeries, cannot assist the patients to access the said health care.

It explained that the patients, who are between the ages of six and 45, need between GH¢2,000 and GH¢12,000 for the surgeries; unfortunately enough, most of them cannot fund their surgeries.

The National Cardiothoracic Centre is providing them medical treatment in the interim.
Dr. Lawrence Serebour, Director of the Centre, told the Times that failure to perform the surgeries on time could result in the patients’ deaths.
This is frightening, because it is possible to save the lives of all the patients, if every one of us could extend a helping hand to them.
Hole-in-heart diseases could be genetic and diagnosed either early in life, or in adulthood.

We are told that the diseases are curable, but quite expensive. Thus, the Ghana Heart Foundation was established to support those patients who may need financial assistance, to undergo surgery.

Unfortunately, the Foundation has not been able to raise the needed funds, even though public – spirited persons and organizations have, over the years, contributed to it.

The revelation that 250 of our compatriots cannot afford the treatment and are now at the verge of death, is, indeed, heart-wrenching.
We share in the concerns of the Ghana Heart Foundation, and urge the public to contribute generously to it.

Similarly, we suggest that the government assists the Foundation through the National Health Insurance Scheme, to enable it to support the poorest of the poor, to undergo treatment.

We must not allow these people to die, when we can all contribute to save them. Yes, we can!

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