The Auditor General, Daniel Domelevo, has been vocal in his effort to combat corruption in the country.

Apart from his mandate to audit and report on corruption in the public sector, he has on numerous occasions proffered suggestions that can assist the nation fight corruption successfully.

His latest suggestion is for the country to commercialise corruption.  In his view that would encourage individuals to take-up the corruption fight in their individual capacities knowing that there would be a prize to take home after every successful effort.

According to him, the United States of America has successfully adapted the commercialisation of the fight against corruption and that is credited for the successes they have chalked in minimising the canker.

He explained that “if you go to the US, a group of lawyers and accountants can investigate a corrupt official and when they win the case, whatever money is collected, a portion is given to them.”

Mr Domelevo, therefore, advocated that Ghana adopted the US style of fighting corruption so that individuals can take up the fight against corruption instead of the state alone.

“So I think it is time we commercialise the prosecution of corruption in particular and my office would be ready and willing to assist any group of individuals who will take that fight on behalf of the state if the prosecution of corruption is commercialised” he said.

The Ghanaian Times cannot agree more with the Auditor General and we think that his suggestion is worth looking into.

Paradoxically, Ghana has so many laws, rules and regulations that should make corruption an expensive venture for any public official, but it appears those measures are not giving the country the desired results.

We cannot but share in the sentiments expressed by the Auditor General and urge the government as well as Parliament to consider the necessary legislative instrument that would commercialise corruption in Ghana.

We cannot continue to allow corruption to sap the nation’s economic growth, hinder development, undermine democracy and create insecurity in the country.

It is time for the country to adopt other measures to put anti-corruption on the national agenda and encourage individuals to join the fight against corruption.

Most importantly is that society must get involved in holding people in public office accountable for their stewardship.

Let’s give commercialisation of corruption a try so that we can save the country from the canker of corruption.

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