ep-ghana_flagWORKERS across the country embarked on demonstrations in the regional capitals yesterday, to draw government’s attention to the worsening economic situation facing the citizenry.

The one-day demonstration, spearheaded by Organised Labour and led by the Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC), received an overwhelming endorsement by workers of all sectors.

Both formal and informal workers joined forces and embarked on the demonstrations, and in Accra, attracted thousands, our reports said.

For many, the demonstrations were successful, and we await the outcome and the probable follow-up action by Organised Labour.

The logical question which comes to mind is, ‘What next?’ It is public knowledge that the government has admitted the economy is going through turbulence and indicated its readiness to welcome ideas from knowledgeable Ghanaians to salvage it.

But some Ghanaians remain skeptical, and question the commitment of the government to resolving the morass.

We however, think the government has demonstrated the willingness to tap into the ideas of Ghanaians of all shades and opinions.

The Senchi Economic Forum could be said to be a testimony of the government’s preparedness to listen to all, including the contending political parties.

Thankfully, after weeks of waiting, the full details of the 93-page report was presented to President John Mahama at the Flagstaff House, Accra, on Wednesday.

We are hopeful the report, the details of which are yet to be disclosed, would be swiftly implemented to alleviate the sufferings of the people, and save the government from continued embarrassment.

We also hope and pray that all Ghanaians, including workers, would assist the government to implement it.

If for nothing at all, the Senchi Economic Forum brought together Ghanaians from the political and social divide to deliberate on the challenges facing the economy, and we commend them for placing the country above all interests.

We therefore, expect that, everybody would play his/her part, and ensure that together, we create decent and dignified lives for ourselves in the days and years ahead.


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