The Electoral Commission (EC), has in the last few days, taken a number of steps that clear the way for it to conduct this year’s general elections.

Chief among the decisions is the laying of the Constitutional Instrument (CI), before Parliament which matures in 21 days, the deletion of the names of voters who registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme cards, and the publication of their names to give them another opportunity to register as directed by the Supreme Court.

The EC has also announced that it is going to exhibit the voters’ register from July 18 to August 7, 2016.

With the steps taken so far, the Times believes that the EC is gradually paving the way to conduct this year’s election which must be supported by all.

The EC, no doubt has faced various challenges until now and skeptics have doubted their ability to conduct the election in view of the challenges it faced.

Thankfully, the dust appears to be settling and things are beginning to fall in place with regard to the time table for the conduct of the elections.

Barring any other legal tussle, we are hopeful that the EC can marshall both financial and human resources to carry out the polls.

Afterall, it has carried out six other elections in the past and it is not a task that it cannot handle.

We hope that all those who had doubts about the capability of the EC to conduct a free and fair election are now satisfied with the steps so far taken by the EC.

We are aware that the EC may not have satisfied everyone fully, but we nonetheless, know that at this point, what they have done should give everyone hope that it is on the right path.

The Times would like to appeal to all Ghanaians, particularly politicians, to support the EC to carry out its mandate.

We have barely four months to the general elections and it would not be in the interest of any individual or group to refuse to support to EC to do its work.

Frankly, if the EC fails, the country would have failed, and Ghana would be the loser.

We encourage the EC to continue to dialogue with all stakeholders with the view to building consensus and to move the process forward.

We have a strong conviction that come November 7, we are going to pull through with the election and Ghana would be the winner.


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