In the last few days, Sierra Leoneans have been living in trauma. That country has been devastated by the worse form of disaster leading to the death of at least 400 people with more than 600 more uncounted for.

Indeed, the country has been struggling after the devastating mudslide which occurred during a night of torrential rains in the capital, Freetown.

The nightmarish situation has put the health sector in disarray, a situation that cannot be comparable to that which existed during the bloody civil war between 1991 and 2002 which claimed over 50,000 lives, and a ruthless Ebola epidemic which left over 4,000 people dead in 2015.

The disaster has submerged hundreds of homes, displaced thousands of people and has prompted fears of the outbreak of waterborne diseases including cholera, diarrhea and even the deadly Ebola.

On Friday, there was a mass burial service for the dead but, survivors are living with the trauma that accompanied the unfortunate incident with a looming humanitarian crisis.

It is clear the affected residents of the swept away area of Regent, a mountainous area along the East coast of the capital, needs assistance as has been stated by the President of that country, Ernest Bia Koroma when he addressed the country after the disaster.

Already, Ghana has swiftly responded to the plea from Mr Koroma on behalf of Sierra Leoneans. The Vice President Dr Mahammudu Bawumia, on Saturday airlifted relief items worth a million dollars to support that country.

The items, according to Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid, comprise of food, medicines, and logistics for the provision of temporary shelter facilities. This we say is a good gesture and we give the government thumbs up for extending the country’s widely acknowledged hospitality culture to the disaster-stricken country.

It is worthy of note that, individual organisations are moblising to add up to what the Ghanaian government has done on behalf of Ghanaians and we urge them on with their gesture.

Other countries, including the United Kingdom and Israel have also reached out to the country with more relief items.

The response to the call for support so far is commendable and Ghanaian Times calls on the blocs within Africa, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) to pull together their members to also respond to the emerging humanitarian crisis in Sierra Leone.

Africa must not always rely on the west for support in times of need, as is happening with Sierra Leone.

Let us learn to support our own for the little we contribute during this difficult time in Sierra Leone may just put a smile on the face of that little child who lost her parents in the disaster, the worst to have hit the country in a day.

We must all put our shoulders to the wheel and make sure Sierra Leone comes out of this disaster stronger.



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