Let’s support Nyantakyi to get the FIFA seat

Kwesi 1THURSDAY, September 29, is a decisive day for Ghana football.

It is a day Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, goes to the polls to vie for a spot in the all-powerful FIFA Executive Council.

Nyantakyi is among seven African football chiefs contesting for two seats in the Cairo elections. And, he looks good for the deal.

Only last week, the GFA president successfully underwent an integrity check, which under the new FIFA reform laws, stipulates that persons who hold or seek to hold an official FIFA position, must undertake such significant checks ahead of their election or re-election.

Having been declared dirt-free will certainly come as a major bolster for Nyantakyi as several football leaders have recently failed the Integrity Check.

Indeed, in spite of Ghana’s colossal contribution to the global game, it is yet to grab a seat in the FIFA Executive Council to the chagrin of many experts of the continental game. It is as incredible as objectionable.

The closest Ghana came to snatching a place on the seat was somewhere in the 70s, but then FA chairman Nana Fredua Agyemang, was sabotaged by his own people.

Internecine wrangling within the FA and some daring political manoeuvres combined viciously to ensure that Ghana dropped that very important seat. It was really vicious.

This time around, the nation cannot afford but rally around the FA president to pinch up a place in FIFA’s highest decision making body.

There are a myriad of benefits that the nation stands to gain with its member on the seat, one of which includes treating cases involving Ghana with even-handed urgency; aside the hordes of developmental projects that could effortlessly be influenced to flow the nation’s way.

However, Nyantakyi must first pull through six other crack candidates to get the Confederation of African Football (CAF) nod together with another member for a place in the FIFA seat.

CAF’s first vice president Suketu Patel of Seychelles and second vice president Almamy Kabele Camara from Guinea are among the hard-hitting candidates on Nyantakyi and Ghana’s path to breaking the stygian silence, since Fredua Agyemang’s chances were impaired about four decades ago.

Though Nyantakyi is odds on favourite to clinch the CAF nod, having built a stimulating relationship with many FA presidents on the continent, he still needs the prayers of his fellow countrymen to ride it home.

Go for it Kwesi, the nation is behind you!


By John Vigah

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