PRESIDENT Nana Addo Dankwa Nana Akufo-Addo on May Day, offered Ghanaian youth a lifeline to their future with the launch of the National Builders Corps (NACOB), expected to create jobs for about 100,000 unemployed graduates.

Unemployment has been a major issue of concern for all governments. Although there have been several attempts at job creation, unemployment continues to plague Ghanaian youth with some of them getting frustrated because of their inability to find jobs in the formal sector.

The latest attempt at creating an opportunity for the teeming unemployed is an initiative that must gladden the hearts of not only graduates, but parents who have eagerly awaited an opportunity like this.

Although opponents of the government and labour experts have offered various perspectives to the initiative, the Ghanaian Times believe it is better than none.

Indeed the NACOB is in line with the government’s Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies 2017-2024 dubbed – An Agenda for Jobs: Creating Prosperity and Equal Opportunity For All recently launched by the President.

Ghana has a youthful population that constitutes a huge potential to derive the demographic dividend provided the enabling environment is created for them to develop their skills, education and the right attitude to be strong, reliable and credible workforce.

The 2015 Labour Force Survey confirmed that 35.9 per cent of the population and 16.9 per cent of the youth are estimated to be unemployed. The youth unemployment in Ghana is attributable to lack of employable skills, mismatch of education and industry, inability of the economy to create new jobs, and limited access to start-up capital for the youth.

We have often heard that the future of the country belongs to the youth; but the youth are saying that the future is still a long way ahead and that they must be given the opportunity now to contribute to national development.

Thankfully, the opportunity has been created for them to grab and as it is said the nation belongs to them and by deploying them in about eight critical areas of the economy, they would be contributing to the development agenda of the country.

While we urge the youth to avail themselves for this golden opportunity to contribute to the future we all want to build, we appeal to the government to ensure that the programmes under the NACOB are implemented according to plan.

We, therefore, suggest an efficient and effective monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the laudable modules under the programme worked and where there are challenges, appropriate remedial interventions are introduced.

We also suggest that the mangers of the modules sign performance agreement so that we hold them accountable for their stewardship. We encourage the youth to take their destiny into their own hands now!



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