OVER the past two weeks, we have reported of attacks on people accused of being homosexuals at Denu in the Volta Region, and Kotobabi, here in Accra.

In both instances, the mobs are said to have attacked the people violently, and beaten them until they were rescued.

The first incident at the St. Paul’s Senior High School, a prestigious Catholic institution in the Volta Region, resulted in the death of an innocent student, while the alleged homosexuals were saved from the jaws of their rampaging fellow students.

According to our report, a riot erupted when a section of the students was prevented by the school authorities from lynching the two suspected homosexuals.

The second incident, which we have reported elsewhere on page 3 today, is about a man who was suspected to be gay, and consequently set upon by a mob, assaulted, and his car and other belongings seized.

The Times condemns the attacks in both incidents, and urges the public to desist from attacking people of perceived wrongdoing in the future.

We are concerned about the unrests which come with such attacks, because they may be misdirected, with innocent people rather suffering.

The case of the innocent student who lost his life at St. Paul’s Senior High School is a classical example of people unconnected with these acts, falling victim.

We are also not saying that those caught in the act must be subjected to beatings, or lynched.

It is barbaric and criminal to lynch anyone, when the law does not empower any individual to lay hands on fellow human beings.

We condemn such uncivilised acts, and call on the authorities to denounce such mob actions, publicly.

We again call on them to investigate the two incidents thoroughly, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

It is unacceptable to subject people perceived to have committed an offence to such attacks.

These mob actions must be condemned by all peace-loving people, otherwise more innocent citizens would fall prey to mob action.

We call for swift action to serve as a deterrent for other potential perpetrators.

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