The advent of the internet has been described as a great technological leap, and the greatest invention in history.

It was received with great optimism in the 1990s, when it first arrived and coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the emergence of independent South Africa from the diabolical apartheid rule, and the beginning of economic reforms in China, where it has lifted millions of people out of poverty.

Again, the internet has brought, in its wake, tremendous socio-economic development in the world, and connected humanity together, by the simplest way.

Through basic internet connection, information on education, access to finance and the global market as well as the sharing ideas on a variety of issues, are within the grasp of anyone who wants them.

However, like all inventions, the internet has its limits and is prone to abuse, both subtly and fatally.

Sadly, crimes like money laundering, child pornography and global terrorism, are some of the wrong things, thriving on the internet.

Unfortunately some of these practices are making inroads into our beloved country, and must be nipped in the bud.

The media, late last week and yesterday, reported two rumours which went viral on the internet and the social media, which the authorities have since refuted.

The first, which was posted on social media, claimed that a group of people from a neighbouring country, (name withheld) had entered the country and attacked a village.

It claimed that a police officer posted the message.

The Police swiftly denied it, and consequently, declared it a hoax and malicious and vowed to arrest its originator.

The second rumour was the introduction of purported new cedi notes, which was circulated on social media.

Again, the Bank of Ghana, had to move in to dispel the rumour in a press statement, published yesterday.

It is becoming obvious that, some people are up to causing mischief, fear and insecurity in the country, therefore steps must be taken to halt them in their tracks.

Although we live in the information age, it is criminal for people to use the internet to unruffle the tranquility and peace of the country, and plunge it into destruction

The internet is a tool to make our lives better, and not to destroy it.

So we should use it as such!

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