Let’s stop the carnage on our roads!

Currently trending on social media is a picture of an infant girl, who lost her mother in the recent fatal road crash involving an articulated truck and a VIP bus at Brejiman, near Nsawam, in the Eastern Region, last Thursday.

The accident resulted in the death of 10 persons, including this innocent child’s mother, while many others sustained injuries. Again the Ghanaian Times learnt of another child wandering at an accident scene at Yipala in the Northern Region at dawn of last two weeks Saturday.

Apparently, the child’s mother had been killed in the accident and people around tried to keep her safe.

These are but a few of the carnage on our roads that, continue to claim lives in spite of the road safety measures that have been instituted. The blood spill on our roads is unbearable and unimaginable, especially when it has to do with innocent children who are maimed and some rendered fatherless and motherless.

Clearly, just by counting the numbers and observing the frequency of the accidents, we cannot, but conclude that road crashes are overtaking HIV/AIDS as a major killer and cause of fatherless and motherless children in the society.

It is our prayer that these children are put in good adopted care so that they grow well to become useful citizens to our dear country.

We further appeal to well meaning Ghanaians to continue to help in the upbringing of these unfortunate children, while the government extends its social protection measures to enable them to live  decent lives and to overcome their traumatic experiences.

We are aware of the numerous road safety campaigns and strategies instituted to ensure safe road transport. However, in our humble opinion, the road safety strategies are still not very effective in curbing road crashes.

Drunk–driving, speed-driving,  driving-tired and sleepy, unlicensed driving , careless driving,  impatience on the steering wheel, noise making in vehicles including using moving vehicles as preaching posts, carelessness on the part of pedestrians, to mention but a few, are some of  the causes of road crashes.

Very often, we see the intensification of road safety campaigns during Christmas and Easter because it is believed that these are the periods that people travel a lot, and in order to cash in on the trips, motorists are tempted into speed driving and in the process they are involved in accidents that kill people on the roads.

We are convinced that road crashes are no longer seasonal; but are daily occurrences on our roads. The fact is, not all these accidents are brought to the attention of the police, so we are unable to tell the exact figures but we know they are staggering and that is why we urged all stakeholders to do more to ensure safe driving on our roads.

Alternatively, we re-iterate our call for the speedy revamping of the railway system to reduce substantially the pressure on our road transportation system. We also urge domestic airlines to introduce affordable packages for parents to travel internally with their children safely by air.







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