The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, the Most Reverend Charles Palmer-Buckle, has brought up an issue which has been of great concern for many well-meaning citizens of this country.

The Archbishop, who is well known for his forthrightness, raised concerns about the political branding or labelling of people who choose to speak on issues affecting the nation.

He notes that anybody who comments on any national issue is either tagged as a supporter or an ally of either the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

This unhealthy development tends to make a lot of experts and other knowledgeable people to shy away from contributing to the national development agenda.

It is unfortunate that issues in the country are so politicised that the society has become very polarised between the two major political parties.

When a person expresses an opinion in favour of the government, that person is quickly labelled as an NDC supporter; on the other hand, when one expresses a thought or makes a comment critical of the government’s stand on an issue, then it is quickly concluded that he belongs to the opposing NPP.

It beats  one’s imagination how even officials of the other political parties are accused of being influenced by either the government or the NPP when they comment on issues, as if they can never have opinions of their own.

This state of affairs is costing the nation much expertise because very notable people with great ideas which can help propel the nation’s advancement, are unwilling to come out to contribute to national discourse on issues.

The Times thinks it is time we do away with fanaticism in our body politic, and tackled issues from the national perspective.

It should be possible for people to freely express their opinions without

drawing the wrath of party apparatchiks.

We all belong to the nation Ghana, and have the responsibility to help keep it afloat.

We will perish together if we should allow it to sink.

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