OVER the past few weeks, there have been harrowing reports of lawlessness and attacks on the police, in some communities across the country.

The attacks by irate youth have resulted in the destruction of at least, two police stations at Bawku in the Upper East Region, and Kwapong in the Asunafo South District of the Brong-Ahafo Region.

At Kwapong, the irate youth did not only vandalise the police station, but also released an inmate from the cell, beat and lynched him. The inmate, Efo Kojo, was suspected to have stabbed a 20 year-old man to death.

At Bawku, a mob reportedly attacked a police station to avenge the arrest of an Islamic cleric.

The youth were said to have hurled stones at, and vandalised the police station. The police, in an attempt to defend themselves, fired at the rampaging crowd, and injured three of them.

It is alarming that at the least opportunity, the youth in many parts of the country, engage in acts of lawlessness, and other barbaric acts.

The vandalisation and the killing of Efo Kojo must be both condemned. They were unlawful and the security agencies must look out for the perpetrators and bring them to book.

It appears that many communities are taking the law into their own hands and gradually dragging the country into an the abyss and moral decadence.

Attacks on the police and all acts of vandalism are unacceptable. It is important to remind everyone that the police are there to provide us security and protection, so subjecting them to attacks must be completely rejected.

We cannot live in a country where a section of the people simply flout the laws and cause havoc, including destroying property, without appropriate sanctions slapped at them.

The security forces must ensure that the attacks cease, forthwith.

It is impossible to live in a lawless country. We cannot afford gambling with our safety and security as is happening in other countries.

We, therefore, urge the government and all the institutions concerned to rally round and nip the growing spate of attacks on the police in the bud.

“A stitch in time saves nine,” so goes the adage!

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