Let’s Solve The Energy Problem Now!

News from Nigeria is that gas supply to the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCO) was restored by Nigeria Gas, on Saturday.

The resumption of the gas flow followed the resolution of the labour unrest that rocked Nigeria Gas, which subsequently affected the supply of gas to neighbouring countries, including Ghana.

As a matter of fact, Nigeria is contractually bound to supply 120 million cubic feet per day (pd) of gas to Ghana, through the transnational gas pipeline.

Unfortunately, the labour unrest affected the gas supply, resulting in a major electricity generation shortfall of nearly 500 megawatts.

This has affected electricity distribution in the country, due to a shortfall in the Tema and Aboadze plants, resulting in a nationwide load shedding.

With the resumption of gas supply by Nigeria Gas, it is the hope of Ghanaians that the electricity generating plants would resume production to make up for the shortfall.

But it appears that the situation is far from over.

The Volta River Authority (VRA) that produces a chunk of the nation’s electricity through the Akosombo dam, has indicated that it is cutting back on power generation from October, due to the low water level of the Akosombo dam.

This decision, according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VRA, Kirk Koffi, was meant to safeguard the dam.

Though many have anticipated the gloomy situation in view of the recent publication in the media about the water levels in both the Akosombo and Bui dams, it means that Ghanaians would have to go through another prolonged load shedding, through to the end of the year.

What it also means is that, the end is not yet in sight for the current load shedding exercise the country is experiencing.

The Times cannot imagine that our power generation challenges keep worsening, in spite of the numerous interventions from both government and the private sector.

For now, the nation’s only hope lies in the completion of the gas plant at Atuabo in the Western Region, which is expected to augment the power production in the country.

The country needs adequate power to drive its economy in order to create the necessary environment for investment, and it is the wish of all Ghanaians that, we strive to overcome the energy problem now.

While the nation goes through this hectic challenge in power supply, it is the expectation of the government that Ghanaians make judicious use of electricity, by making sure that they switch off electrical appliances that are not in use, to conserve energy.

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