One major obstacle facing state institutions is liquidity problems. It is not uncommon for one institution or another to lament over debt owed it as a result of services that it has rendered to other state institutions.

Ghanaian Times is not surprised at all that companies such as the Ghana Gas Company is owed more than $534m by the Volta River Authority.

The incontrovertible fact is that many state institutions are facing similar situations and are unable to recover the debt owed them for similar reasons.

Many of our readers may be unaware that state institutions, particularly the municipal, metropolitan and district assemblies, ministries and other corporate bodies also owe New Times Corporation (NTC) running into millions of Ghana cedis.

The unpaid bills by these organisations is having a toll on the operations of the corporation is similar ways as the Ghana Gas Company.

Many state institutions are suffering because the services they provide are unpaid for, but are forced to continue to render services to organisations regardless of whether they pay their bills or not.

This is the reason many state organisations are not performing well and others have collapsed.

The predicament Ghana Gas Company finds itself in, is similar to that of other state institutions, who are helpless and have to operate under very difficult conditions.

It has always been the case that institutions such as Ghana Gas Company, would have to “make noise” in the media for the state to benevolently support them to get out of the distressed situation.

We are concerned that due to the huge debt owed state institutions, many otherwise viable organisations, either collapse or operate under distressful conditions.

It is unhealthy for national development and Ghana must not be subjected to such injurious practice.

The debt owed Ghana Gas must be paid without delay to ensure that its operations do not grind to a halt.

The government must also pay any debt it owes VRA to ensure that it pays its bill.

Similarly, all those who owe NTC must take a cue and pay us so that we can remain in business.

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