The outcome of the just-ended election and its subsequent celebration has brought in its wake a very disturbing phenomenon that needs to be checked.
The phenomenon of lawlessness that occasioned the announcement of the general election results has become legendary.
At the end of the elections held in the country, the winners have resorted to creating chaos, including takeover state institutions and property.
This behaviour has led to vandalism and disregard for rules and regulation in most parts of the country.
The Times observation at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange clearly shows that Ghanaians have a long way to go in ensuring sanity, after the declaration of election results.
At the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, traders in flagrant disregard for the law, took over the pavement of the interchange and displayed their wares everywhere.
They took advantage of the absence of city guards and the police to sell at prohibited places.
This same misbehaviour has been reported at different locations across the country and this is not right.
Indeed, some maybe in a joyous mood following the victory of the party they voted for, but that is no license for lawlessness.
We must understand that state properties belong to everybody because state resources were used in building them.
It is, therefore, in the interest of every Ghanaian to protect these facilities and not vandalise them.
We are happy that at least the Accra Metropolitan Assembly in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service has moved in to clear the pavement of the interchange.
It is unhealthy for a section of the public to become lawless just because there is a change of government.
The country will suffer because of the lawlessness of a few people, therefore, it is in our collective interest to obey the laws of the land.
Even as we celebrate the election victory, we must do so bearing in mind that the country must not became lawless and ungovernable.
This is the only country we have, and we must all be law abiding to ensure that we remain peaceful people.

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