A Governance and Social Accountability expert, Frederick Nana Dankwa, has intimated that, Ghana risks not achieving some of the goals under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, if attention was not paid to improve sanitation and provision of potable water.

He pointed out that access to clean water and sanitation, climate action and life below water, which are SDGs six, 13 and 14 might not be realised, if Ghanaians did not stop open defecation and polluting water bodies.

Worse still, Nana Dankwa said, it was unbefitting that Ghana was ranked seventh most filthiest country in the world, and second in Africa after Sudan, as contained in 2015 World Bank Report.

The Times is alarmed at the assertion by Nana Dankwa, and shattered at the revelations that Ghana is among the filthiest country in the world.

We would have wished that our case would be different and we would be among the comity of clean countries in the world.

That is not the case, and we shamefully find ourselves among filthy nations. That is not complimentary at all.

We are aware that the government, metropolitan, municipal, district assemblies as well as civil society groups have through various interventions attempted to address the sanitation problem and provide potable water.

But the fears expressed by Nana Dankwa and the World Bank report, clearly show that the country has a long way to go in resolving the sanitation issue.

Indeed, what is not lost on anyone is the fact that our surroundings are filthy and many community members still practice open defeacation and lack potable water.

Therefore, is it surprising that Ghana risks not achieving some of the goals under the SDGs?

The answer is obvious; we are not doing enough to achieve the goals. We must step up our efforts, particularly sanitation and provision of potable water.

The government and its agencies must work harder and crack the whip on lawlessness.

We must enforce the sanitation laws and punish those who create the insanitary conditions in the country.

Ghana must not miss the SDGs target. We must work towards achieving the goals by enforcing the sanitation laws of the country.

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