The National Population Council last week made a startling revelation about Ghana’s population growth that must not be allowed to pass without comments.

According to the Council, Ghana’s annual population growth has been 2.5 per cent annually, which translates into between 700,000 and 800,000 human beings, over the three years in question.

This is quite startling and worrying, taking into congnisance the global target of annual population growth of 1.5 per cent which, according to the NPC, engenders optimal development.

The Executive Director of the NPC, Dr Leticia Appiah’s sentiment of this growth being “alarming” says it all!

For a country of 238,535 km square to have a population of 27 million people is indeed “scary”!

The Times wonders whether over the years, the concerned agencies have been paying attention to this phenomenal growth, as it could rock the stability of the country.  We have not been able to overcome the clamour for schools, hospitals, housing, good roads and other amenities; we have not been able to have all our children in schools; we have not been able to reach all corners of the country; we have not been able to provide jobs for our youth and yet adding to the population? Incredible!

We don’t want to be prophets of doom, but then we wish to state that hard times await us; we are indeed sitting on a time bomb!

When the youth start rocking the boat, as happened elsewhere in Africa and other continents, can the country stand? Can we face the fury of the youth, the hungry and unemployed? Can they guarantee innocent citizens the peace they require if they strike? Shall we not be at their mercy?

It is said that the devil finds work for idle hands, so we must take the necessary steps to halt any looming disaster before it breaks out.  Something drastic must be done now!

The Times wishes to suggest that the population growth be gradually controlled, if not halted, through public education and family life education.  The agencies concerned should step up public engagements with married couples on the need to have small families which they and government can cater for; also women should be empowered to have control over their bodies and as such determine how many babies they can cater for.

The Ministry of Health should step up its game on family planning and married couple made to appreciate the wisdom behind having few mouths to feed and fewer children to educate.  How about educating the young ones to abstain from illicit sex and in essence avoid having illegitimate children, and even terminating their education?

Ghana needs all to develop; we need healthy and well-educated and working citizens to drive the economy; Ghana cannot afford instability and an “Arab Spring”, Ghana wants to strive for development, cohesion and happiness of all its citizens.

The population should be controlled, if this is to be achieved.

The Times calls on all well-meaning Ghanaians to join this crusade against population explosion.  And the time to do it is now!

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