As the December 2016 election approaches, politicians canvassing for votes are making promises to persuade the electorate to vote for them.

The promises have been varied, ambitious and sometimes mind blowing.

We have followed and listened to some of the promises, as well as followed the fact-checks carried out by the media and civil society on some of the promises.

This is against the tradition where politicians made promises, many of which they fully know they would not keep because the electorate would not interrogate them about it.

In the past, voters cared less about promises made by politicians and used other factors such as tribal and religious factors and to a lesser extent the looks of candidates before voting for them.

Fortunately, things appear to be changing this year as the politicians have decided to fight the election based on issues.

That is why electorates must begin to interrogate the promises that are made by politicians, while on the campaign trail.

At town hall meetings, durbars and meetings with chiefs and opinion leaders, opportunity must be provided the people to question the politicians directly or through their assigns to establish the viability of their promises.

Usually in the past some of these interrogations were done on behalf of the electorate by journalists, but it appears that is not working and politicians are getting away with fathom promises as well as taking the people for granted.

Frankly, since politicians are seeking the mandate of the people to represent them at various levels of governance systems of the country, it should be possible for them to question the politicians directly.

We were looking forward to public debates among the contestants to bring out answers to questions about the promises, but two and half months to the election, the debates are yet to commence.  It does not look though, that the debates would come on.

We are anxious to see the politicians interrogated on their promises to enable the electorate determine the veracity of the promises being made to them by the politicians.

This way, voters would fully understand the promises and make informed decisions and choices.

We must all interrogate the promises made by politicians before voting for them.

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