FROM today,  registration will open for all voters who registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards in 2012 to re-register.

The Electoral Commission (EC) following the Supreme Court ruling in the Abu Ramadan case is to delete names of those who registered with the NHIS cards from the voters’ roll.

Not only that, the EC is also directed to re-register those whose names have been deleted and who could prove Ghanaian nationality.

In compliance with the Supreme Court’s order the EC is today beginning the re-registration of over 56,000 NHIS card registrants who can prove eligibility including proof of nationality among others.

The affected voters are expected to visit various district offices from today up till July 28  to re-register to be eligible to vote in the 2016 general elections.

Although the Times views the re-registration with a lot of apprehension, and worried that a lot of people may not get back on the electoral roll for several reasons, we encourage every Ghanaian who registered in 2012 with an NHIS card to endeavour to go back and re-register.

We have all decried the challenges facing the electoral roll that is bloated, including the  names of foreigners, minors and dead people and if this is one of the ways to make it credible then let’s go for it.

The country would be the winner if a substantial number of the 56,000 or more can prove their nationality and re-register then, we can proudly say we are getting close to a credible register.

We encourage political, and community leaders as well as individuals to encourage everyone who might have registered with the NHIS card to view this exercise as very important and go and re-register.

Afterall, it is a civic responsibility for all adults with sound mind to exercise their right to vote and without having one’s name captured on the register, one cannot blame anyone.

We want to appeal to all those whose names have been published to take advantage or the opportunity offered them to re-register so that they can exercise their franchise in the 2016 general elections.

It is the duty of everyone to help purge the voter’s roll of undesirables now so that we can uphold the integrity of the electoral roll in readiness for the elections in November or December.


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