gasAfter the deadly gas explosions on December 22, 2016 at La Trade Fair in Accra and that of Takoradi, which occurred on May 9, 2017, it was thought that enough safety measures had been taken to prevent another deadly explosion.

No! The twin explosions that occurred on Saturday evening confirm that nothing was done to stop gas explosions in this country.

Another seven lives have been lost in addition to 157 that were lost in the June 3 tragic disaster at the Goil Filling Station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra as well as the nine deaths that were recorded during the La Trade Fair gas explosion.

The inferno caused by the explosion has once again exposed the nation going to sleep after mourning the dead and briefly showing sympathy to the injured.

After that, everyone, including those who are expected to ensure that safety measures are adhered to looked the other way and allowed safety measures to be flouted with impunity.

Otherwise, why did we allow a preventable disaster to occur on the scale it did on Saturday?

Indeed, Ghanaian Times can admit that accidents are bound to happen, but cannot accept the negligence that we all exhibit to allow innocent people to die and scores to be injured in a preventable accident.

We recall that when the gas explosions occurred in Accra and Takoradi, stakeholders, including government officials vowed that never again would they allow such disaster to occur.

What do we see now? We are witnessing the worse of what had already occurred.

Although the fatalities appear to be low, the extent of damage and property destroyed as well as injuries sustained cannot be compared to previous explosions.

The lip service is enough. The government, as well as all relevant agencies have to take tough measures to prevent gas explosions in the future.

We are certain that, had the appropriate actions been taken and safety standards enforced, the impact of such disasters could be minimal.

Indeed, the gas explosion at Atomic Junction, near Madina represents another national disaster and a failure of a nation to protect its citizens.

As a matter of fact, the disaster affected 80 many people in so many ways. While some paid the ultimate price, others were injured while many were traumatised.

This is another blot on the conscience of the nation which must be avoided at all cost.

Such disasters are becoming too many and the cost is becoming too expensive. It is within the power of the law enforcement agencies and the government to prevent future occurrence of such disasters.

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