The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, yesterday spoke the mind of the vast majority of Ghanaians, especially those whose families are living in foreign lands illegally.

The President was quoted yesterday by the media to have expressed the government’s readiness to assist Ghanaian illegal migrants captured in Europe, to return safely and reintegrate into society.

He said while finding solutions to the factors that triggered illegal migration, the government would collaborate with its friends in the Europe Union (EU) to ensure the safe return of Ghanaian migrants from Europe.

The President, who said this at a joint press conference with the President of Malta, Mrs Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, in Accra, said this has been bothering the minds of many Ghanaians for a long time.

It is a known fact that many Ghanaians are languishing in various detention centres across Europe, US and also in the Far East countries, under dehumanising conditions.

These unfortunate Ghanaians go through very harrowing experiences when being deported and some end up being chained and handcuffed like common criminals.

The Times is glad that the government has offered to assist those who have been captured to return home safely.

The offer by the president, which is welcoming news, must help minimise the level of maltreatment that our compatriots go through while awaiting deportation back to Ghana.

While applauding the president for government’s support, it is important for both Ghana and its counterparts in Europe to take a critical look at the push and pull factors that trigger illegal migration to the rich Western countries.

As a matter of fact, the main reason for many of those who sojourn is economic, and to a lesser extend for social reasons.

It, is therefore, important to find solutions to the socio-economic problems citizens face in order to delude them from joining the illegal migration train.

Without finding solutions to the challenges, it would be quite difficult to stop the flow of illegal migrants to the rich western countries.

We commend the government for expressing the desire to support the illegal migrants in captivity to return home, and we hope that the challenges that are pushing Ghanaians to travel abroad would be addressed soon to prevent more people from traveling abroad illegally.



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