Let’s ensure a peaceful district level elections

GHANAIANS will tomorrow go to the polls, to elect their representatives for district and unit assemblies throughout the country.

The election which is being conducted at all polling stations across the country, has seen candidates campaigning vigorously in various communities for votes.

Come tomorrow, all the candidates would know their fate as to whether they have been chosen or rejected by the electorate.

Though on paper, the assembly election is expected to be non-partisan, campaigning and the paraphenalia of the candidates betray the partisanship of many of the candidates.

Indeed, it is unlawful for political parties to actively campaign for candidates or for candidates to use political platforms to campaign for votes, but most campaign posters seen in town clearly depict the candidates prefer political colours.

These unlawful acts including litigation, has dogged this year’s district level election which had delayed the election for several months.

In the process, the country had lost over GH¢310 m which went to waste following the cancellation of the election that was expected to take place last March 3.

The price we had to pay for that cancellation was for government to raise additional funds for the Electoral Commission (EC), for tomorrow’s election.

In the face of all the challenges, the state is set for the election and the Times wishes to appeal to the public to come out in their numbers to vote.

Tomorrow’s election is very critical beause it is the first time that the biometric machine would be used for the District Assembly Elections in the country.

It is therefore, worrying that the election campaign has recorded less enthusiasm and patronage of the campaigns mounted by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), for the candidates.

It is disappointing that the district level election does not attract the same patronage as the national elections, and there could be several reasons we are unable to recount now.

However, our view is that the district election is as important as of the national one and should attract a massive turn-out.

We urge all the would-be voters to observe the rules and regulations governing our elections in order to ensure a peaceful election.

For once, we need to get over with the election to enable the district assemblies to become fully functional again to ensure grassroot development.

We must all therefore, come out tomorrow in our numbers to vote for our preferred candidates.


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