The acts of lawlessness displayed in connection with a court trial in Kumasi by some people said to be members of a vigilante group known as the Delta Force has brought great waves of shock to various people in the country.

The court was hearing a case of assault and destruction of public property against 13 members of Delta Force when other members of the group stormed the facility and destroyed property. Those who stormed the court released their members who were standing trial and left the scene.

This recklessly lawless behaviour is unpardonable and requires immediate effort to bring it under control before it gets out of hand in our society.

Courts exist to dispense justice on behalf of the people. Thus, any disrespect shown to the judiciary amounts to wanton confrontation to the people of Ghana.

It is in the light of this that the issue at hand ought to be treated with all the seriousness required to bring about sanity into the system. Rule of law means adhering to the dictates of the law and obeying these dictates irrespective of who you are since the law is no respecter of persons.

The confusion created by the Delta Force at the Kumasi Circuit Court provides an opportunity for the state to deal ruthlessly with all those involved in that unpleasant incident.

No one should render support to this group of people who have misbehaved themselves in this way so that every person in the country will know that irrespective of what you are, the law will deal with you once you go contrary to it.

As has been pointed out by President Akuffo-Addo, “crime has no political, religious and ethnic colours.” If this is the case, then anyone who goes contrary to the law or breaks the law ought to be dealt with in line with the demands of justice and fair play.

The expectation of everyone is that having been able to get back all those who created the confusion at the circuit court in Kumasi, we need to see to the rigid implementation of the law so that it will serve as a deterrent to all those who may be tempted to misbehave in similar manner in future.

Ghana is a beautiful country cherished by people from various parts of the world, so incidents such as this should never be allowed to mar the accolade and beauty of democracy earned the hard way over the years. It is for this reason that all those involved in the shameful act must be brought to book without fear or favour.

If the issue is handled well, it will send strong signals to everyone in the country regarding the rigid application of rule of law and respect for the judiciary.

The laws of the land are meant to benefit all of us and that is why the invocation of the judicial arm of government in this matter is necessary to dispense justice irrespective of whoever is involved.

The Times is happy to hear from the IGP that the security agencies are on top of the issues and that they will bring the culprits to book and disband all such vigilante groups, including the Delta Force.

Ghana is a pleasant and beautiful lawful country, so its citizens and all those who dwell in it need not only treat it as such but also respect it in this regard.


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