The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), on Monday announced that a total of 34,005 licenses are still sitting on their shelves due to the failure of respective owners to collect them.

It said 653 of the number were issued as far back as 2007 with the majority 7,550 issued this year between January and May.

According to the chief executive officer DVLA, Mr Kwasi Agyeman Busia, the authority would publish the names of the owners in the newspapers in a bid to get them to collect the licenses. He said the authority needed to clear the backlog as it prepares to start the issuance of new licenses.

The announcement of a backlog of licenses comes as a surprise to many Ghanaians.

As a matter of fact, majority of the motoring public have complained about delays in the issuance of driver’s licenses, not to talk about the number of months they have to wait to be issued with licenses whether for renewal or a new one.

It is, therefore, surprising that a large number of licenses are still uncollected at the DVLA.

What could have been the reason for the refusal by owners to go for their licenses after all the efforts put into the issuance of the card?

The Times cannot find immediate answers to the riddle, and rather finds it strange that licenses issued as far back as 2007 are still in the custody of the DVLA.

What is more baffling is that 7,550 licenses issued between January and May this year have not been collected.

We are again surprised because they were issued recently and the owners must be around and yet have not collected them.

Although the DVLA said it was going to publish the names in the newspapers, in a bid to get the owners to collect them, we believe that the mode of issuance and collection of the licenses should be streamlined.

Elsewhere, the licenses are posted to the owners, or the owners are notified to pick up the licenses.

We urge the DVLA to take a second look at the mode of issuance and collection of the licenses, to avoid the repetition of this situation.

It is worthless to   print licenses and allow them to gather dust in the offices.  The mode of collection of drivers’ licenses must change for better.

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