ACCORDING to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 500 breast cancer patients, representing 50 per cent of patients in Ghana, die of the disease.

The WHO contends that breast cancer has been identified as the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Ghana, with as much as more than 3,000 diagnosed cases annually.

Of this number, the report says at least one out of eight patients die of the disease.

Health experts say that every woman is prone to breast cancer and, therefore, there is the need to screen women for the disease.

Unfortunately, majority of Ghanaian women died of the disease because they did not report early to the hospital for early detection and treatment.

As a matter of fact, lack of awareness of the disease and the knowledge that it could be prevented and cured, has sent many women to their graves.

Happily, the Department of Chemical Pathology of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), has developed a breast cancer detection device for women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The device known as “Breast Bye” is able to detect suspicious breast lumps in women and give accurate results for screening.

Dr Frank Ghartey, Head of the Chemical Pathology Department of the School of Medical Sciences, UCC explained that the device was capable of diagnosing the disease very early.

Indeed, the discovery is a breakthrough that must be celebrated not only by Ghanaians, but everyone in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Developments such as this gives hope that it is not only the developed West that can discover or develop or invent things for mankind.

The UCC medical school and its scientists have proven that they are as capable as their counterparts in the West, and they must be congratulated.

Medical experts say that the root causes of the disease are unknown, but hereditary and lifestyle have been identified as some of the causes.

The challenge, therefore, is for doctors to investigate and find the cause, of the disease now that they have developed a device that would give them accurate diagnoses.

While congratulating the UCC and its team of experts, who developed the device, we urge government and the Ministry of Health to support the UCC to produce more of the device for a wider use in the country.

It is one of the surest way to save our women from deaths through breast cancer.

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