The decision by the government to settle the two Guantanamo Bay detainees in Ghana continue to fray tempers and generate a furry of controversial comments.

Both supporters of the decision and those against it, continue to argue with such intensity and acrimony.

As a result, verbal salvos have been thrown in the most unsavory manner, in some cases.

Even the President, John Mahama, at his third anniversary press conference, last Tuesday entered the debate in his role as the President of the Republic of Ghana, to put a damper on the matter, but that has not stopped the debate.

The President used the occasion to appeal to Ghanaians, among others, to have compassion on the former detainees but, that has been rejected by a section of Ghanaians and some religious leaders.

One such religious leader is reported to have used unsavoury words that some have criticised.

Our concern now is that the debate is departing from the core subject into religious and political intolerance.

It appears everyone is holding onto his or her position doggedly and refusing to debate the issues dispassionately.

Our other concern is the position of the Christian Council and the Catholic Bishops Conference, who despite the President’s appeal for compassion, have refused to reconsider their position on the matter.

We would be unable to repeat exactly the words that one of the religious leaders was reported to have used, but want to ask whatever happened to the Christian credo of “Live and let live”.

The President’s appeal is that as Christians, we should have compassion on the former detainees and live with them.

As a matter of fact this is the religious credo that enabled Christians and non Christians live together in harmony and we expect that this matter would be seen in that general spirit by our religious leaders.

We have already asked the government to rethink the resettlement of the detainees here, but with the assurance given by the President, as well as security experts, we want to appeal for cool heads to reign.

Unfortunately, we cannot continue to argue forever the merits and demerits of the matter, besides would the reversal of the decision prevent any mishaps that we so much dread?

The decision has already been taken to house the detainees and we may have to live with it and make the best out of it.

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