Let’s appreciate our women

Women are precious vessels needed to collaborate with the efforts of men for peace to prevail in society. This explains why, as much as possible, society must value its women hand in hand with men and children to make the world a happy place for all.

In light of this, every effort must be made by society to promote the interest of women in order to encourage them to maximise their God-given talents to help build society to a level desired by all.

First of all, unlike in previous times, girl-child education must be taken more serious than ever before. This will encourage them to grow into useful citizens to contribute their quota to the growth of society.

Secondly, the nefarious customary practices against our women must be stopped in various parts of the country with immediate effect. Women themselves have a role to play in this so we are calling on them to support this good cause.

Thirdly, the issue of child marriage also needs to be stopped by our community leaders and traditionalists with immediate effect. As a child, a little girl is not suitable or matured enough for marriage. For this reason, it does not make sense to give them out for marriage.

Parents who engage in this practice ought to be made to face the law as a deterrent to many others in the country.

Some of the parents give out their female children at tender ages for marriage so as to receive money and gifts in exchange. This is deplorable behaviour that cannot be made to continue.

Only a few days ago, the world celebrated International Women’s Day under theme: “Be Bold for Change”.

Indeed, no change can ever come about if the people involved are not bold. Society has found various ways to suppress women in a number of ways that prevent them from progressing to higher levels. For all these to change, women themselves must be prepared to speak out boldly at all times.

While they gather boldness to speak out to pursue their interests, their male counterparts will need to throw in their support as a way of encouraging them to reach greater heights and play the distinguished role expected of them.

Our women are as good as our men and should therefore be ready to pursue any agenda of progress that they would want to pursue.

What this means is that men and women should see themselves as people who need to collaborate with each other for the common good of society. They are not in competition with each other and so should not see themselves as such. Positive collaboration is therefore what they need.

During the celebration of the International Women’s Day, most of the prominent women in Ghana were seen aggregating at a programme to commemorate the occasion. It was a beautiful day that must be remembered at all times.

Our successful women must encourage their less successful counterparts to climb up the ladder and become prominent citizens.

It is our hope that our women will remember to be bold at all times and compete favourably with men in society in all aspects of life in order to make society better for all.


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