A new public bus service, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system which aims at providing efficient transport for residents of Accra, within specific time schedules, it set to roll out.

The new concept set to take off at the end of the month is a government initiative that is also designed for people to park their private vehicles and join public transport.

It is to reduce vehicular traffic and gridlock as well as and human traffic in the city centre of Accra.

For a start, a pilot phase is to be rolled out on the Amansaman-Accra Business District route by the end of the month with 85 brand new buses.

According to the Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE), manager of the BRT, the operation would be extended to cover Kasoa-Kaneshie-Accra Central District, Adenta-37 Military Hospital, National Theatre-Central Business District and the Ashiaman-Nungua-Teshie Central Business District.

Without doubt, the BRT system all over the world significantly reduces travelling time and unlike the traditional commercial bus transport, the BRT would have scheduled arrival and departure on frequent basis.

Unfortunately the roll of the service is being threatened by agitations by other transport owners who say that the BRT is going to kick them out of business.

They have therefore, threatened to withdraw their services in order to the force government to abandon the BRT initiative.

The Times completely disagrees with the private commercial operators who has parochial interest in this matter.

We do not believe that the BRT service would throw the commercial transport owners out of business, if anything at all, it would provide competition and provide passenger with alternative choice.

Fortunately, fast lanes are going to be created for the buses and private commercial transport is going to be allowed to operate alongside.

Besides its going to clear the city of congestion, reduce traveling time, boost economic activities and increase productivity.

Obviously the benefits to the general public outweigh the interest of the few transport owners.  The BRT services are operating in many countries across the world and if we want develop to the level of these countries, than we must allow the BRT to roll out.

We urge the private commercial drivers to support the initiative and sit with the government to find solution to their fears.  Surely, they must protect, their businesses, but not at the expense of the general good.


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