Let’s all ensure accident-free X’mas

With the Christmas season fast approaching, many people can be seen feverishly preparing towards the ‘big celebration’ which is marked globally across several countries.

Consciously, the celebration of Christmas takes the form of church services, parties, outings, visits to family members and activities along the beach, among others.

The eagerness on the part of people to celebrate Christmas can be understood since it is in line with the religious belief of many Christians.  It is for this reason that many people see the need to celebrate the occasion with friends and family members.

However, while making preparations to celebrate the occasion, we have to take steps to ensure that our roads are made accident-free before, during and after the season.

The Christmas season is an important occasion that must bring joy and happiness to many on earth. But that joy can be truncated in celebration. For this reason, everyone has the responsibility to be careful on the road when driving as a motorist, or using the road as pedestrian.

Traffic rules and regulations will have to be obeyed so that the occasion will be celebrated with as much peace as possible. Over-speeding and irresponsible over-taking on the part of some drivers must be a thing of the past this time to ensure an accident-free festivity.

In the view of the Ghanaian Times, all those who engage in drinking while driving must be taught a bitter lesson through the rigid enforcement of the traffic regulations.  This is because human lives are more precious than any other thing on earth.

We hear of commercial drivers, especially, speeding on the roads to their destinations with the aim of retuning early to convey more passengers. The intention is to make as much money as possible. These drivers must tell us what they stand to gain if after all this over-speeding and reckless driving, they end up killing and maiming their passengers – some of whom are bread winners of their families?

We can make the world a better place for all if all drivers keep away from drunkenness and also try to avoid reckless driving on our roads. Of course, it may not be possible to avoid road accidents completely, but we can do a lot to minimise its occurrence if only we operate as responsible motorists on our roads.

We, therefore, need to operate dutifully, conscientiously and meticulously, vowing to ourselves to avoid over-speeding and drunkenness. To this end, every motorist should aim at moving his or her vehicle at a reasonable speed so as to avoid accidents.

Let us make a special pledge to ourselves and our countrymen and women that this year’s Christmas season will be accident-free. This is achievable so let us work towards it and make the season a peaceful occasion for everyone.

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