One observable phenomenon in the country is the non-adherence to safety measures rules, which has resulted in deaths and destruction of property.

One wonders why simple rules that guide the conduct of the citizenry, and those that regulate the construction of buildings and other infrastructure cannot be obeyed.

The Times urges the National Disaster and Management Organisation (NADMO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure strict observance to safety rules, to prevent casualties.

Over the years, NADMO, has performed its functions of ensuring rehabilitation services for victims of disasters and mobilisation of people at various levels of society to support governmental programmes

However, Times appeals to the organisation to apart from also ensuring the preparedness of the country in the management of disasters, to intensify its education on safety measures.

We do not have to wait till disaster strikes only to take adhoc measures to solve problems and to sympathise with the affected persons and console families of those die.

But almost immediately a disaster is over we turn to our old ways doing things.

Not long ago, a school building collapsed on some pupils of Gyambra Methodist School at Breman Gyambra in the Esikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District in the Central Region.

Prior to that incident, outbreaks of fire occurred in various parts of the country, resulting in deaths and destruction of property.

Quite recently also, a school building in Asene Manso Akroso in the Akyim area in the Eastern Region collapsed on some school children some of whom sustained injuries and had to be treated in hospitals.

We need to keep to safety measures to ensure that everyone is secured or safe wherever they find themselves in the country.

Unfortunately, some buildings in both public and private places have developed cracks, which threaten the lives of people.

Again, in some factories, safety or precautionary measures are not respected by the authorities concerned, resulting in preventable fires and occupational accidents.

Some roads and bridges are death traps aside the disrespect of traffic regulations by drivers.

The Times thinks that individuals, especially chiefs church leaders and teachers should support orgnisations mandated to ensure the enforcement of safetry measyres in the country.

This is the surest way we can avoid unnecessary deaths and destruction of property.

In fact, a society that is cannot obey simple safety measures cannot be said to be disciplined.


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