THE Ghanaian Times has made it a point to continually devote its editorial space to promote peace building initiatives, especially in Dagbon in the hope that not only would that area become peaceful but the entire country would enjoy peace and stability.

There is no doubt peace and security of our country is dear to all of us, so therefore, the escalations of violent conflicts in some parts of the country have become a major source of concern to all peace loving Ghanaians, including the good people of Dagbon who equally want to go about their activities in peace and harmony.

Conflicts have been with humankind since time immemorial; conflicts among humans are inevitable, but when they do come it must be for the improvement of human relations. But conflicts that turn violent are certainly undesirable.

Of course, it cannot be lost on anyone that violent conflicts result in irreplaceable loss of lives, displacement of people, unbearable refugee problems, fear, panic and irreparable damage to properties which have been acquired through sweat and toil, to mention but just a few

That is why, it is, very regrettable the events that occurred in Yendi on Thursday and Friday resulting in the loss of lives and injuries to scores of people at the beginning of the performance of the funeral of Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani.

The happenings during those two days were contrary to the peaceful holding of the final funeral rites of Yaa-Naa Mahamudu Abdulai between December 14 and 28.

If we were to go by what the Eminent Chiefs promised in the roadmap to peace in Dogbon, then what happened must be a matter of concern.

We expected Dagbon to demonstrate good faith and respect for the road map to peace to which they have appended their signatures and pledged to follow strictly to its logical end.

Nevertheless, it is gratifying to hear that the funeral of the late Yaa-Naa is continuing despite the setback. It is our prayer that it would come and pass successfully.

It is our plea to the people of Dagbon to show more commitment to the road map by adhering to the terms there-in to its logical conclusion.

It is worrying that the people of Dagbon who are of the same ancestry and predominantly of the same peaceful religion of Islam, would always take up arms against each other at the least provocation.

If Allah, that “all of us in Dagbon” profess as the Supreme God, to whom we are answerable to on the judgement day which is a key article of the Islamic religion, is kind enough to forgive us of all infractions, then we have no point not to forgive and forget about the past and forge ahead in unity and peace.

The people of Dagbon (Dagbanis) must not allow the devil to sway them into killing each other over an issue that can be resolved through dialogue and respect for customs and traditions. This protracted conflict must be resolved without the resort to violence.

The road to peace and stability to Dagbon has started, we must guard the peace initiative to its logical end. The guns must fall silence!

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