CURRENTLY, feuding factions in the Bimbilla chieftaincy dispute are engaged in war of words, with few reported gun shots in that area.

According to reports from the Northern Region, tension is rising in Bimbilla and its surrounding areas and there are fears that it could escalate into full blown conflict.

The Ghanaian Times supports every effort that would be made to prevent conflict and stands firmly on the side of peace

It is for this reason that we note with great satisfaction, the timely manner that the Inspector General of Police,  (IGP) Mr David Asante-Apeatu, has reacted by warning all residents not to indulge in any form of violence.

“The security personnel deployed here would deal ruthlessly with any person or group that would want to disturb the peace in the area” he warned.

According to reports, the IGP issued the warning following the rising tension in Bimbilla in the wake of the burial of the late Nakpa-Na Salifu Dawuni, in Bimbilla last Wednesday.

Since the burial the two sides to the chieftaincy disputes in the area have engaged in accusations and counter accusations which is threatening the peace of the area.

Although security personnel have been deployed in the area and the factions have so far limited themselves to exchange of words, we urge the security agencies not to take their “eyes off the ball”

The situation call for vigilance and maintenance of law and order.

This is the time for the security agencies to stamp their authority in the area by ensuring that none of the factions engaged in activities that could mar the peace in the area.

We have had one two many chieftaincy disputes that have resulted in deaths and that we must not be allowed to happen in Bimbilla.

While commending the IGP for his timely warning, we urge all sides to the conflict to exercise restraint and co-operate with the security agencies to ensure peace in the area.

All the factions in the conflict must assist in finding peaceful solutions to the challenges in the area without a single drop of blood.

It would be pointless for lives to be lost in a conflict that can be resolved through peaceful means.

We must all ensure that the guns remain silent in Bimbilla, for the people to go about their lawful activities in peace.


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