IN the last few weeks, the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has not known peace due to misunderstanding within the leadership of the party.

The misunderstanding hasled to accusations and counter accusations by two different factions in the CPP.

The developments in the party, has created deep cracks with the opposition party that is preparing to wrest power from the ruling National Democratic Congress.

In fact, what appears to be internal differences, seems to escalate, and threatening to spread to other political parties.

As reported yesterday, there was near fisticuffs at the party headquarters when supporters of the suspended General Secretary and the National Youth Organiser, Nii Armah Akomfrah and Ernesto Yeboah, respectively, attempted to enter the party headquarters with the suspended officers.

According to the report some CPP officials prevented the two suspended officers from entering the premises, resulting in a scuffle.

The suspended officials were said to have gone to the office following the party’s Disciplinary Committee decision to clear them of any wrongdoing.

The two officials had been on suspension for misconduct and breach of party discipline, which they have denied.

The Times’ concern is that CPP, which is one of the oldest political traditions in the country, appears to be falling apart few months to a crucial general election.

It is disappointing that the centre cannot hold in the party since it elected its flag bearer to lead the party in the 2016 general election.

It appears that the wounds created during the acrimonious campaign to elect a flag bearer has refused to heal, culminating in the present fracas.

For us, the current impasse is needless and should not have been allowed to degenerate into trading of blows and insults at the party headquarters.

This is not the time for intra party bickering. Four months to a critical election, should be used more profitably in conducting a campaign to win the election.

The CPP can do better than it is doing now.

Thousands of Ghanaians who still believe in the ideologies of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, must justifiably be disappointed in what is happening in the party today.

There is a general election to be fought and CPP would do itself a lot of good if the current disagreements are ironed out quickly to prepare the party for the general election.

The leadership of the party owe it as a duty to the teeming supporters to patch up the cracks in the party to ensure unity of purpose moving into the election.


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