The dust has settled. The parliamentary and presidential primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are over.

The results are now public record and all the contestants have now found their levels.

The winners would still be basking in their victory while the losers would be licking their wounds seeking explanations as to why they lost.

There are many lessons to be learnt from the NDC primaries, chief among them is the shocking defeat of some of the big guns in the party.

Indeed, not only does it come as a shock to members of the party, but also to political observers and commentators.

The President, John Dramani Mahama, was the first to acknowledge it when he said “party members must continue to analyse the results of the elections, particularly in respect of the loss of experienced hands, and how the party will deal with the emergence of a youthful parliamentary bench”.

As a matter of fact, the President did not only acknowledge the success of young politicians upstaging the more experienced ones but called on the party to deal with the changing trend.

In reading the mind of the President, just like other political observers, it would be prudent to have the old experienced politicians around, but at the same time encourage the young ones to take over from them.

But the question is how that transition is to be managed so as not to humiliate the experience ones who do not want to leave honourably.

Our biggest lesson, therefore, is that many of the old experienced politicians must not overstay their welcome and must know when to take a bow

Admittedly, many of them were not ready to call time-out in order to give the young politicians the opportunity to learn at their feet, and that had caused them their political carrier.

It is embarrassing to see the old guards, who a few years ago, were hailed and adored, being hooted at and humiliated at the polls.

This is a big lesson for all politicians who overstay their welcome. It is important for political parties to begin to fashion out ways for the experienced ones to be eased out of frontline politics to in an honourable manner and give way gracefully.

The current practice where they endure humiliation before bowing out, is most unfair.

This is the biggest lesson to be learnt from the NDC primaries.

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