Legon Presby Boys SHS Drama Club to honour Prof. Wosornu

, Professor Ladé Wosornu..The Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School Drama Club will on Saturday honour Professor Lade Wosornu, one of Ghana’s finest poets and astute retired surgeon with a play as part of the School’s 80th anniversary.

Dubbed “Dead Heat”, the drama prophesises the current situation of USA and her relation with the African states about three years ago.

It is designed to last for an hour and would be directed by Oswald Okaitei, multi-award winning Ghanaian poet and a past student of the school.

Set in the United States of America Embassy in Accra, in the 21st century, the production depicts the worries of African citizens and the relation between the consul and the many Visa seekers.

The performance would comprise of drama, music, dance and poetry performance.

Prof. Lade Wosornu is an old student of the school and one of the few Ghanaians who have broken the myth that science and creative arts have no strong connection.

He has travelled round the world curing patients in the theatre and healing the souls of men with beautiful and inspirational poems.

He is also a prominent figure in the Ghanaian literary and academic landscape, an essayist and columnist on a range of health issues in the Ghanaian print media. He has three collections of poetry works—Ete’ and Other Poems, Celestial Bride and Other Poems and Journey Without Ends and Other Poems.

Some of his works mostly read and learnt in schools are The Master Brewer (in senior high schools) and Desert River (now learnt in basic schools).


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